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"Can I tell you a little story? It's a pretty good one, it's got an explosion."

Nile is one of the Ion children, abandoned in the slums of Heaven where he lived with others like him. Because he was born whole, he was a caretaker for other, more deformed Ions. While protecting the other children during a raid, Nile was peripherally exposed to an explosion, an incident which left his face badly burned and his eyes destroyed. Shortly afterward, his group of Ions was rescued and taken to the sanctuary dimension of Elysium, where the damage to his face, at least, was healed.

Nile's powers manifest as control over the elements of earth and fire. After the accident, he realized that he could connect much more effectively to the earth without the distraction of sight. He is able to "see" using echolocation, as well as the vibrations in the ground, a skill that has developed in accuracy with practice. Accepting permanent blindness in exchange for his powers has caused them to increase dramatically, making him one of the most powerful earth angels after Archangel Uriel. However, he still struggles with his control over fire, as a result of both the volatile nature of the element, and lingering trauma from the explosion.

Nowadays, between practicing his magic and helping out with the younger children, Nile likes to visit the world of humans from time to time. It's an interesting place, with plenty of things to experience, people to talk to, places to explore. To be honest, he doesn't really know what he's trying to find.

But he still believes he'll know it when he sees it. Such as it is.
Distinguishing Features: Nile was born with the characteristic red eyes of Ions. After they were restored (essentially for cosmetic reasons), they became a milky, pale color indicative of his blindness. From certain angles, this shade still takes on a red tint. His preferred style of clothing is jeans and t-shirts, and he never wears shoes, as bare feet help him to read the vibrations in the ground. Around his wrist are two peaceBOMB bangles (bracelets made from undetonated bombs and war debris found in the country of Laos) as a personal sign of solidarity.

He loves music, dancing (he's practicing without a partner), long walks on the beach (or anywhere, really), having books read to him (he prefers it to reading Braille), and working with his hands. He dislikes flying, his wings, derogatory slurs (especially about Ions), and being coddled in any way because of his blindness.

As far as I know, the Ion Children originate from Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary, although this concept of Elysium is of my own design. Nile is partially an homage to Toph Bei Fong, and the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jung "U-Know" Yunho belongs to SM Entertainment himself. Nile is mine.

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